The Gallery: Paul van Dyk

The Box

  1. Paul van Dyk
  2. Tristan D
  3. Sholan
  4. Trilucid

103: Italian Job

  1. Dirty Channels
  2. Francesco Poggi
  3. Cassimm
  4. Lov

Baby Box: Hosted by Cheeky People

  1. Ashley Heywood
  2. She Said b2b Morgan Sowden
  3. Mr Chip
  4. Oliver Vessey
  5. Richard Hughes

The Loft: Hosted bySubbass Academy

  1. Joah Vega
  2. Mai
  3. PHYC
  4. Trado
  5. Dr Bigz
  6. ANA

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Neelix makes his eagerly anticipated return to The Gallery after an eighteen-month hiatus. However, this long period away from Ministry of Sound will work in our favour here, having spent it toiling away in the studio and ready to unleash new music in abundance. Not least new track ‘1000 Sterne’ which has been a mainstay in Beatport’s Psy-Trance ‘Top 10’ ever since release. Featuring those trademark tough but bouncy basslines with licks of Psy-Trance riffs, it’s the unique soundtrack which has rocked all club shows in recent weeks from Ireland to Argentina – showcasing a deft fusion of dark melodies with uplifting elements in equal measure.