The Gallery: The Classics

The Box

  1. Push (Live)
  2. Signum
  3. Matt Darey
  4. + Very Special Guest Chicane


  1. Judge Jules
  2. Tall Paul

Baby Box

  1. To Be Announced

The Loft

  1. To Be Announced

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After immense feedback from hosting ‘Trance classics’ in the 103 room, it’s only fitting we promote this vintage soundtrack to The Box – allowing all those anthems to be amplified by the club’s colossal Martin Audio sound system. So please welcome a trio of poignant artists in M.I.K.E., Signum and Matt Darey who each have carved their own niche in this genre. With a mandate to showcase material which subsequently gave prominence to Trance across the globe, through countless seminal tracks still credited for pioneering the core Trance sound. That’s ‘Sunrise At Palamos,’ ‘Coming On Strong’ and ‘Liberation’ respectively to represent amongst others a discography that will never grow obsolete.