The Gallery: Dada Life

The Box

  1. Dada Life
  2. Pink Panda
  3. Felix Leiter


  1. Jaak Levar
  2. John Warren
  3. S-Jone-S

Baby Box: Helium

  1. Beekay & A5ces
  2. Dan Newman & Spctrm
  3. Lloyd Haines & Taz Meah
  4. Luke Hubba & OLDASDUST
  5. Dean Hawker & Owen Davies

Loft: Peace

  1. Sati
  2. Mark Sinclair
  3. Lorenzo Barrero
  4. Macloud
  5. Bean

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Your VIP table reservation includes: Drinks Package, Fast track entry, Designated hostess service, Private VIP toilets, Personal VIP cloakroom, Access to VIP balconies overlooking our main rooms.

Bananas and champagne are two delicacies which form an ear-splitting treat at The Gallery. Though only when DADA LIFE are concerned, who hit Ministry for a first London performance of 2017 and for what is a rare outing on UK shores. Hence all citizens of Dada Land can mentally prepare for this clubbing rite of passage, as for one night only – Elephant & Castle becomes legally part of this sovereign nation. Dirty drops, fizzing electro and energetic house riffs underpin an environment where anything goes in The Box, hence a safe haven to jump around with total abandon and dance with no inhibition.  Time to go GaGa for Dada!