Siesta: The Laser Rave

The Box

  1. Hector Couto
  2. Nathan Barato
  3. Martin Ikin
  4. Majesty
  5. Steven Cee

103: Hosted by Partouze

  1. Sam Supplier
  2. Shenin Amara & AR
  3. Jack n Danny
  4. X5 DUBS

Baby Box: Pazzo

  1. Crazy Cousinz
  2. DJ Pioneer
  3. DJ Cartier
  4. Martin Liberty Larner
  5. Hosts: Mc Kie, Jrome

The Loft: Zoned

  1. Fabio Luis
  2. James Joseph
  3. Ben Dunn
  4. Ella Fayden

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