The Gallery: 22nd Birthday

The Box

  1. ATB & Cosmic Gate
  2. Trilucid & Gavyn Mytchel
  3. Omar Sherif


  1. Steve Lee
  2. Alex Anderson
  3. Mr Chip
  4. Caro

Baby Box: Cheeky People

  1. Ashley Heywood
  2. Eddie Johnson
  3. Richard Hughes b2b Mark Stanley
  4. Warren Faithful

The Loft: Subbass

  1. DJ Lambo
  2. Lens
  3. Boni Liu
  4. Joey D
  5. ROUGH
  6. Pete Parker
  7. Cam Hamel

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VIP Bookings

Your VIP table reservation includes: Drinks Package, Fast track entry, Designated hostess service, Private VIP toilets, Personal VIP cloakroom, Access to VIP balconies overlooking our main rooms.

Gallery birthday nights have forever been famed for fun times and beaming smiles, the one night in Ministry’s clubbing calendar where all are encouraged to dance to excess. When enthusiasts of electronic music from all warps of life unite as one, especially to toast another year providing ‘excellence in the art of sound’ for the Capital’s clubbers. This year’s celebration of twenty-two years welcomes two flagship artists for the Trance music genre, both of whom have made an immeasurable contribution to spreading its magic around the world. Cosmic Gate specifically holds the distinguished status as ambassadors for The Gallery, after their anthems down the years have come to represent our most defining moments. Then the legacy of ATB will forever be etched into Ministry of Sound history, with ‘9PM – Till I Come’ released on its record label to well documented success. Hence headliners suitably qualified for this emotional occasion and cherished for educating many on the joys of electronic music.