Feelings 3rd Birthday: N.Y.D.I.S.C.O.

The Box

  1. Nicky Siano
  2. DJ Nature
  3. Daniel Wang
  4. Demuja


  1. Dream 2 Science
  2. Jovonn
  3. Kasra V
  4. The Menendez Brothers
  5. Brian Summers & DJ Karl Karlson
  6. Keith Lorraine
  7. DJ Friendly
  8. + residents, friends & more TBA

Baby Box: Hosted by House Matters

  1. Carlo Di Paola
  2. Dj Essence
  3. Dj Mino
  4. Dj Mattie Blake

The Loft: Hosted by So Fresh So Clean

  1. Abstrkt
  2. DJ LRO
  3. Ittman
  4. Remi
  5. Teddy Lewis
  6. DJ Friendly

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Your VIP table reservation includes: Drinks Package, Fast track entry, Designated hostess service, Private VIP toilets, Personal VIP cloakroom, Access to VIP balconies overlooking our main rooms.

New York baby, it's the city that gave birth to dance music and turntable culture as we know it and this August we will be celebrating the sounds that gave birth to it all. From disco to house via hip hop and electro, we celebrate the city the started revolutions with the pioneers of the most legendary clubs and sounds around and their impact on international club culture. 

The party will mark our third birthday and biggest party to date, taking place at an equally legendary location and the only place in the capital fitting to celebrate such a city having been built based on NYC's legendary Paradise Garage. Across four rooms we will be taking you on a journey from the 70s right up to present day via The Loft, The Gallery, Paradise Garage, Studio 54, Club Zanzibar, Shelter and the streets of the Brooklyn & the Bronx!