The Gallery: W&W

The Box

  1. W & W
  2. Maurice West
  3. Pink Panda


  1. Gavyn Mytchel & Foozak
  2. John Warren
  3. Dub Healy & Marcellus Wallace

Baby Box: Hosted by Hyperspace

  1. Lidder
  2. Saneev
  4. Chris West

The Loft: Hosted by London Sound Academy

  1. Kasey Riot
  2. Adriano Caruso
  3. Gianmarco Maro
  4. Daddy Russell
  5. Seva

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It’s always a great honour to welcome Willem and Wardt back to The Box, The Gallery having supported W&W every step of the way since debuting in 2010. So despite selling out stadium shows and festival arenas across every continent, returning to London always assumes an extra sense of sentimental value. For this triumphant homecoming show expect brand new tracks such as ‘Put Em Up’ and ‘Watcha Need’ to represent big room beats aplenty, plus material from recently revealed alias ‘NWYR.’ Exploring influence from that original Trance sound but combined with the mammoth drops and roaring riffs akin to more recent times.