Off The Wall UK

The Box

  1. 5th Avenue
  2. Studio Express 625
  3. After Dark UK
  4. DJ CLK
  5. MC Shuges
  6. Mr Wayne


  1. DJ Ceesix
  2. Godfather
  3. Gal Flex
  4. Milktray
  5. T21
  6. Fully Equipt
  7. Martin 'Liberty' Larner

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So, we're back and in full effect ready to celebrate our 12th birthday at the iconic Ministry Of Sound. We would like to say a big "Thank You" to everyone who has continued to stick by us over the years. 

For all those who aren't planning to party on New Year's Eve, make this your early new year celebration. Remember, for all those who are "ballin' on a budget", you can purchase "Early Bird" discounted tickets exclusively from Ministry's website.