Amine Edge & DANCE Present: CUFF

The Box

  1. Amine Edge & DANCE
  2. Chicks Luv Us
  3. Mike Palladino
  4. Sergy
  5. Tim Baresko
  6. US


  1. Blacat
  2. DJ Mets
  3. Ikaz Boi
  4. Jack N Danny
  5. Volac

Baby Box: Zoned

  1. Sam Smith
  2. Georgie Marshall
  3. James Cee
  4. Harry Hulstrom
  5. Chalky
  6. PJ Addinal
  7. Jamie B
  8. Joe Lombardi
  9. Jack Mcconnell
  10. Tyler Harper
  11. Craig Quorn

The Loft

  1. Bradley Maison B2B Dom Espi
  2. Dave Gore B2B Lance Cunningham
  3. Phaze B2B Jobi
  4. Charles Barley
  5. Rees Edwards & Billy Bitz
  6. JB
  7. Dansk
  8. Lydia Rose
  9. Mr Nick

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VIP Bookings

Your VIP table reservation includes: Drinks Package, Fast track entry, Designated hostess service, Private VIP toilets, Personal VIP cloakroom, Access to VIP balconies overlooking our main rooms.

The guys created their own party a few years ago, combining House rhythm, Nu-Disco bass, Hip-Hop samples, for a dance-filled and groovy result, which has become CUFF. Today tinted by Techno and more minimalist influences, their sound is in the image of their label, Cuff, eclectic.

Hailing from Southern France, Amine Edge & DANCE have taken the dance world by storm with their ground-breaking sound and high energy shows. Mining the musical spectrum and taking inspiration from early House, Philli Funk, 80's Hip-House and everything in between, Amine Edge & DANCE bring their own cross-genre blend of Tech and House to clubs and festivals across the globe. Having enjoyed a meteoric rise, the CUFF label bosses have now cemented themselves as the leaders of their genre and the go-to guys for the best-dressed parties in town!