Audio Rehab: Jacky

The Box

  1. Jacky
  2. Tapesh
  3. Mark Radford
  4. Dennis Quin
  5. Del-30


  1. LongPlay & Friends
  2. GW Harrison
  3. Jess Bays
  4. Jameson
  5. Deck Radford

Baby Box: Underground Culture

  1. SouthEastGroove B2B Leiaver
  3. Alex Catlin & YOYO
  4. Lizzie Grant B2B Madz
  5. Deepsteppz

The Loft: With You

  1. George Smeddles
  2. Argy Kay
  3. James Hill
  4. Sarah McKinnon

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We welcome back Audio Rehab for their first show of 2017. With an ethos of always pursuing up and coming talent and presenting such forward-thinking line-ups, Audio Rehab constantly remains ahead of the curve.

Headlining is Jacky who is a big act to watch in 2017. With a succession of hits under his belt while playing some of the biggest parties across the UK and Europe, expect him to throw it down with his high-energy driving set. Also on the bill is none other than Tapesh who has been lighting up DJ booths across Europe and as far as the infamous Warung in Brazil. Audio Rehab head honcho Mark Radford will be supporting alongside Del-30 and Dennis Quin in The Box. In the 103 we have Longplay & Friends, GW Harrison, Jess Bays, Jameson and Deck Radford.