The Gallery: Laidback Luke

The Box

  1. Laidback Luke
  2. Pink Panda
  3. Marko Liv


  1. Paul Morrell
  2. Gavyn Mytchel
  3. Jay Deep

Baby Box: Hosted by Hyperspace

  1. Watty3thou
  2. D.Beatz
  3. The Prophet Masters
  4. Peter Brazina
  5. Daylight

The Loft: Hosted by London Sound Academy

  1. Matthew John B2B Joanna Astrom
  2. Aquila
  3. Toby Lorenzo
  4. Ed Heywood
  5. Ryan Beggsy
  6. Martin Tamos b2b Samnea

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Our Gallery pub quiz fact of the day, is that Luke in fact started out as a Techno artist – going back to his roots by playing totally Techno in New York towards the latter end of 2016.

For Luke’s first London show of 2017, we look forward to some throbbing ‘heads down’ beats to close – coming before those more driving elements of the electronic spectrum which always have The Box heaving. Also on offer are tracks from Luke’s own ‘Mixmash Records’ label, a platform to showcase all sounds from deep house to the aforementioned tougher take on affairs. Rest assured Luke will be going all in for this eagerly anticipated return to The Box.