The Gallery: Sander van Doorn

The Box

  1. Sander van Doorn
  2. Lvndscape
  3. Pink Panda


  1. B Jones
  2. Gavyn Mytchel
  3. Steve Lee
  4. Caro

Baby Box: Hyperspace

  1. Coolphonic
  2. MattyfLo
  3. Tourneo
  4. Khari Brandes
  5. Connor Walton
  6. Raving Tesla

Loft: London Sound Acadamy

  1. Chris West
  2. Beynur Kayali
  3. LAN Projekt
  4. Talia
  5. Martin Leigh
  6. Chrissyp

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After the previous release entitled ‘The Snake,’ signs point to a good portion of Sander’s set going down a more venomous route – encompassing the harder and chunky grooves for which the Dutchman’s Gallery residency showcased on a weekly basis. However also expect the latest floor fillers from eponymous imprint ‘Doorn Records,’ where its music always has underlying funky undertones no matter which genre of electronic music is chosen.

From Trance and Techno riffs to Electro and House melodies, Sander van Doorn always reads the dance floor perfectly to deliver a one of a kind performance. It’s why The Box is Sander’s self-confessed home in London and always a pleasure to host.