People From Ibiza: Jonas Blue

The Box

  1. Jonas Blue
  2. Wankelmut
  3. Alex Adair
  4. Special Guest Tom Zanetti + K.O Kane


  1. Jerome Price
  2. RobbieG
  3. Aevion
  4. Technik

Baby Box: Dirty Love Ministy

  1. Tony Christofi
  2. Lost Focus
  3. Alfie Crocker
  4. Aaron Plaster
  5. James Spurr

The Loft: Open House

  1. Paul Bradley & Neave
  2. Emerson
  3. Deck Radford
  4. Ross McCormack
  5. Danny Owen

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With a line up that features the very best in sun-kissed groovers, we welcome back People from Ibiza to its home away from home at Ministry of Sound.

We've got boy-racer, Jonas Blue helming proceedings. His 2015 smash, "Fast Car" has a mind blowing 212 million plays on YouTube, so chances are you'll know the words.

Supporting Jonas is unfortunately named, but auspiciously talented producer, Wankelmut. Jacob Dilßner rose to fame with "One Day" his remix of Asaf Avidan & The Mojos - "Reckoning Song", but his biggest track to date is undoubtedly his collab with Emma Louise, "My Head Is A Jungle". Fun Fact: Wankelmut got his name from the German word for 'fickleness'. Bust that fact out in the smoking area to look like a true head.

Next up is Alex Adair, who's "Make Me Feel Better" has been soundtracking festival after movies and sun-drenched lifestyle footage since it's 2014 release. If the Sierra filter made a noise, it'd sound like this.

Rounding out our line up are extra special guests, Tom Zanetti & K O Kane. This team up is practically guaranteed to go off like TNT.