The Gallery: This Is The Sound

The Gallery presents 'This Is The Sound'

  1. Live PA:
  2. Emma Hewitt, Christina Novelli, Roxanne Emery
  3. DJ: Christina Novelli
  4. Supported by:
  5. Ashley Wallbridge


  1. Immoral
  2. John Warren
  3. Gavyn Mytchel

Baby Box

  1. To Be Announced

The Loft

  1. To Be Announced

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It’s with great excitement we present a brand new concept to The Gallery, welcoming a trio who have individually graced Ministry of Sound before whilst exhibiting a myriad of performance styles. That’s the serene LIVE vocals of Emma Hewitt, Christina Novelli and Roxanne Emery, plus the energetic disc jockey ethos of Christina herself – therefore meaning “This is the Sound” provides a diverse combination of live PA with DJ performance to create a unique and engaging spectacle. This fusion will only enhance their impact together with daring track selections and close interaction with the dance floor - ably assisted by progressive star Ashley Wallbridge returning to Ministry after two years. This is the sound of Friday night!