The Gallery: Gabriel & Dresden

The Box

  1. Gabriel & Dresden
  2. Sholan
  3. Trilucid
  4. Dark Fusion


  1. Gavyn Mytchel
  2. Tristan D
  3. Steve Lee
  4. Manda Dex

Baby Box: Hosted by Alternative Sounds:

  1. Ed Lynam B2B Lewis Duggleby
  2. Lisa Heart B2B Andy Hawk
  3. Amy Parnell (UK Debut)
  4. Khalil Blili
  5. James Black

The Loft

  1. To Be Announced

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GABRIEL & DRESDEN are cherished by not only The Gallery faithful but electronic music fans in general, after their seminal discography has wooed many a dance floor across the world. However after TWO six hour sets in The Box, Josh and Dave have further cemented their legacy amongst the Capital’s clubbers – with open till close sessions ranking up there amongst our most impassioned ever Ministry of Sound shows. Although the guys are not playing all night this time around, expect the obligatory classics and remixes to be showcased along with material from G&D’s forthcoming album. Exclusive new productions being saved especially for the occasion and to be road tested on the night.