The Gallery: Andrew Rayel

The Box

  1. Andrew Rayel
  2. David Gravell
  3. Ruben De Ronde
  4. Sholan


  1. Somn3um
  2. Gavyn Mytchel
  3. John Warren

Baby Box

  1. Aliboy
  2. F-Freedom
  3. Daddy Russell
  4. Khari Brandes
  5. Lee Fegredo
  6. Thicker Than Blood

The Loft

  1. Louis Rickard
  2. Carlos Rodrigues
  3. James Shift
  4. D.Beatz
  5. DJ DK
  6. Bundonis

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After last July’s epic double header with our Gallery boat party plus The Box back on dry land, Andrew Rayel makes an eagerly anticipated return to London – with his inimitable blend of arms in the air anthems.

Affirming a resolute stance to showcase the best of this magical genre, a new collaboration with Jochen Miller will take all the plaudits in The Box. The track is entitled ‘Take It All’ and signed to Armin van Buuren’s esteemed imprint ‘Armada,’ specifically the sub-label ‘Armind’ which has forged a reputation for the finest Trance around.