The Gallery: BT & J00F

The Box

  1. BT
  2. John 00 Fleming
  3. Trilucid
  4. Gavyn Mytchel

103: Ultra Violet

  1. Paul Thomas
  2. Aneesh
  3. Sam Mitcham
  4. Dylhen
  5. Jimmy Kennedy

Baby Box: UK Trance Society

  1. Ben Dursley
  2. Danny Scahill B2B Racheal H
  3. Hon B2B Scotcha
  4. Rath

Loft: Bedroom House Records

  1. Jay Newman
  2. Vinny V
  3. Huff
  4. Matt Rogers
  5. Jay Taylor
  6. Samnea b2b Shady

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Back by popular demand, we lay down the red carpet for arguably two of the most technically minded artists amongst The Gallery’s cherished roster.

An attribute which manifests itself in always astute performances that integrate complex soundscapes, quality is always assured when Brian and John take control of The Box. Plus increasing the magnitude of an already special occasion, it’s a rare occurrence that both these behemoths of intuitive beats share the same bill – with BT keen to road test new release ‘The Upside Down’ on imprint ‘Armind’ and J00F making his long-awaited return after a two-year hiatus.