The Gallery: Third Party Presents Release in Dolby Atmos

The Box

  1. Third Party (3 hours in Dolby Atmos Sound)
  2. Sebjak
  3. Corey James
  4. Pete K


  1. Tall Paul
  2. Steve Lee
  3. John Warren

Baby Box: Hosted by Love United

  1. FriKa
  2. DJ NKA
  3. Daddy Russell
  4. Daylight
  5. AGG!E
  6. Cellardoor

The Loft: Hosted by London Sound Academy

  1. Noah Priddle
  2. Bé Auwas
  3. Scott Anderson
  4. Johnnie London
  5. Alexandru Tudor B2B ASPARD
  6. Askew

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Welcome to the future of sound...

Dolby Atmos allows for a more immersive experience by giving artists the power to control where certain sounds are sent across the space. Entire albums have been remastered and new material is in the making, all engineered to absorb you in the music.

"a game changer for the club experience" - The Sun

Not only are we the first ever club to bear witness to Dolby’s ground-breaking technology, but the club will now boast a 64-speaker, 22-channel sound-system.

Rave and rejoice as the Third Party duo return for what is fittingly their third showcase for own imprint ‘Release Records.’ With debut album ‘Hope’ released just a few weeks before, fans of Jonnie and Harry will be hoping en masse for those feel good anthems with vibrant melodies – both of which contribute to a unique sound now instantly recognisable as a TP trademark.

Hence why the popularity of Third Party has risen exponentially since a Gallery debut in 2016, as demonstrated by over one million Spotify streams for recent track ‘Live Forever.’ Plus having now achieved headline status at flagship festivals of this particular genre, the boys make a triumphant homecoming to where it all began – bringing along fresh new names for whom this is an inaugural visit to The Gallery and our iconic main room ‘The Box.’

Further increasing the magnitude of an already special occasion, however, is the enticing news that Third Party will be showcased in Dolby Atmos Sound! An inaugural occasion for which Dolby’s ground-breaking technology has been utilised for this particular genre, a massive sixty speakers on top of our already colossal installation will facilitate twenty-two audio channels - further enhanced by a bespoke and spatially mapped lighting environment. Fans can expect an unparalleled clubbing experience not only hearing music in unprecedented clarity but as part of complex soundscapes strategically placed and shifted dynamically throughout the room.