People From Ibiza: Sigala

The Box

  1. Sigala
  2. Blonde
  3. Nevada
  4. Very Special Guest Martin Jensen


  1. Felon
  2. Robbie G
  3. Aevion
  4. Technik

Baby Box: Hosted by Dirty Love

  1. Tony Christofi
  2. Lost Focus
  3. Wade Kadir & Tom Short
  4. Alfie Croker
  5. Aaron Plaster

The Loft: Hosted By Secret Music

  1. Bazaar
  2. Paolo Francesco
  3. Jameson

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The hugely popular People From Ibiza returns on Saturday 20th May for a huge Summer Send-off party! Headlining the club for the first time ever is tour very own golden boy, Sigala, whose connection with our illustrious clubbing brand runs deep; as unbeknown to many his first no.1 single ‘Easy Love’ was released with us! Martin Jensen also joins us for his debut UK performance and Blonde perform their first London show of the year, making this show extra special!