The Gallery: Ben Nicky Pres. Headf**k

The Box

  1. Ben Nicky
  2. Mark Sherry
  3. Manuel Le Saux
  4. Patrick Gormley

103: Classics

  1. Tall Paul
  2. Dave Pearce
  3. Andrew Galea
  4. Gavyn Mytchel

Baby Box: London Sound Academy

  1. Daddy Russell
  2. The Engineer
  3. LuDec
  4. Jensky
  5. Dan Fraser

The Loft: Subbass

  1. Mark Friend
  2. Isla Iris
  3. Housewifes Choice
  4. Fit For Purpose
  5. James Wibble
  6. Tradu

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Ben Nicky’s love affair with The Gallery and Ministry of Sound stretches back six years now, a time in which he has perfected the art of battering The Box into submission. Always with an unrelenting take on those twisted sounds, this return to our main room will take both mental plus physical preparation - as Ben plays a first headline show at the club and representing his famed ‘Headf**k’ series of events.

After sell-out showcases all around the world and their video clips subsequently going viral on social media, a London debut of HF has been requested by Trance fans for many months now. So your wish is our command as all are welcome to witness Ben’s biggest show in the Capital to date. But please note an important disclaimer, The Gallery bears no responsibility for those who cannot last the pace.