Groove Odyssey 8th Birthday

The Box: Disco, Deep & Soulful House

  1. Dimitri From Paris
  2. Bobby & Steve
  3. Hallex M
  4. Pa: Omar
  5. Pa: Darien

The 103: Classic House

  1. CJ Mackintosh
  2. Phil Asher
  3. Paul Trouble Anderson
  4. Mike Risk
  5. Davide Fiorese
  6. Sol Brown

Baby Box: 90's Soul, RnB, Funk & Boogie

  1. DJ Bigger
  2. Lloyd Life
  3. Sammy Confunktion
  4. Colin Williams
  5. Mr Buzzhard

The Loft: Hosted by HOUSEFM.NET

  1. Kev Chase
  2. Paris Cesvette
  3. Randy Peterson
  4. Lee Major
  5. Greame P & Souldiva
  6. Yooks & Satorial

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VIP Bookings

Your VIP table reservation includes: Drinks Package, Fast track entry, Designated hostess service, Private VIP toilets, Personal VIP cloakroom, Access to VIP balconies overlooking our main rooms.

2017 has been another great year for Groove Odyssey, as they continue to rock Europe’s club land highlighted by the launch of GO IBIZA in May and hosting the main stage at the phenomenal 51st State Festival.

With quality music and entertainment being number one priority at their party’s as they continuing to unite all ages & backgrounds, the uplifting atmosphere and attention to detail are second to none.

Dimitri from Paris has earnt his Disco crown from consistently turning out quality productions, remixes and DJ sets internationally around the disco world. He’s no stranger to Groove Odyssey and we will all be in for a massive 8th birthday treat.

With a high standard of music across 4 rooms featuring some amazing DJs & artists world wide from, CJ Mackintosh, Phil Asher, Bobby & Steve, Paul Trouble Anderson, Mike Risk, DJ Bigger and Hallex M who will also be celebrating the release of his hot new artist album entitled ‘Soul Odyssey’ forthcoming on Groove Odyssey records, with live performances from UK’s Omar and New York's Darien who both feature on the album.

The celebrations will be on high alert, so come and share some of that Groove Odyssey magic, for the eternal love of Disco deep and Soulful house music!