Feelings: Summer of Love - 30 Years of Acid

The Box

  1. A Guy Called Gerald - LIVE
  2. Tyree Cooper
  4. The Menendez Brothers


  1. Daniele Baldelli
  2. A History of Acid (Super Secret Guest)
  3. DJ Karl Karlson & Brian Summers
  4. Rachael

Baby Box: Hosted By House Matters

  1. Reece Virciglio
  2. Mattie B (PRL)
  3. DJ Essence
  4. DJ Mino
  5. Sean Orilley

The Loft: Hosted By Feelings Worldwide

  1. Jaye Ward
  2. iona
  3. Keith Lorraine
  4. Eliza Rose

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This summer marks 30 years of one of the biggest musical movements the UK has ever seen. A culmination of the sounds and sights being cultivated in the Mediterranean, Chicago, Detroit & New York washed up on our shores along Ecstasy to give birth to a musical revolution, Acid House. The musical landscape of this country and the world hasn't been the same ever since. 

To mark 30 years since this pivotal era (which also happens to be our fourth birthday) we will be throwing an all-night dance party to celebrate the pioneers of Acid House, alongside those that paved the way and those that have kept the fire burning strong three decades later. 

For the occasion, we take over the only London club fitting for such a party Ministry of Sound. Spread across multiple rooms, this club is the only one still standing since the beginning and was instrumental in bringing acid to the masses. 

Pump up London! x