The Gallery: Gareth Emery Presents Garuda

The Box

  1. Gareth Emery
  2. Standerwick LIVE
  3. Ashley Wallbridge


  1. Gavyn Mytchel
  2. John Warren
  3. Anna Kiss & Decimel

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After a two year hiatus, Gareth Emery returns home to where it all began in London – THE GALLERY! An esteemed member of our family since Turnmills and now at Ministry of Sound, Gareth’s music has been responsible for The Gallery’s most defining moments down the years - from fledging alias ‘GTR’ to present day sounds of imprint ‘Garuda.’ It’s specifically these Garuda label showcases which guarantee the full whack of Emery’s repertoire, further enhanced by Ashley Walbridge and Standerwick LIVE especially invited by Gareth and also sharing a strong affinity with The Gallery. The Box beckons for a night of dancing and debauchery in true #Garuda fashion.