Ticket Conditions

Ministry of Sound Group Limited ("MOS") and its authorised distributors sell and issue Tickets and VIP cards (“Tickets”) for events at the Ministry of Sound Nightclub ("the Club") only upon these Conditions and by purchasing a Ticket the prospective acquirer ("the purchaser") shall be deemed to have accepted the following Conditions:

1. A Ticket may not be resold or transferred, save if more than one Ticket is issued to a purchaser, such Tickets may be used only by the purchaser and a person accompanying the purchaser to the Club and there shall be no resale or transfer of a Ticket at above face value. Tickets cannot be advertised for transfer or sale. However, these Conditions are not contravened: 

• by provision of an additional Ticket by a purchaser to such accompanying person free of charge, provided that such person accompanies the purchaser to the Club and does not transfer the Ticket; or 

• if the purchaser is an MOS-licensed VIP provider and by the provision of a Ticket by such operator as part of a package which includes the provision of VIP services.

2. A Ticket entitles the holder, subject to compliance with these Conditions in all respects, to admission to the Club for the event and to no additional entitlements. 

3. MOS sells and issues Tickets for events only through MOS's authorised Ticket sales outlets and its authorised distributors. 

4. Any Ticket acquired in breach of any of these Conditions shall be null and void ("Unlawful Ticket") and all rights conferred or evidenced by such Unlawful Ticket shall be extinguished. MOS shall be entitled to refuse to admit the holder of an Unlawful Ticket to the Club for the event (and for one or more future events or for a fixed term) and may eject such holder from the Club even after admission. Any breach of these Conditions by the purchaser and/or any distributor which supplies the Unlawful Ticket to the purchaser shall constitute a breach by the distributor. 

5. A Ticket may not be used as a prize or as part of any competition or promotional or other similar activity or as part of any hospitality or travel or other commercial package which has not been approved by MOS in writing. 

6. MOS reserves the right to refuse admission in accordance with the security policy and other policies operated by MOS at the Club. Possession of a valid Ticket does not guarantee the holder to entry. Ticket holders must be carry valid ID at all times to enter the Club.

7. Where a Ticket has been lost or stolen, MOS should be notified immediately and shall, subject to ascertaining and verifying the circumstances in which the Ticket holder was in possession of the Ticket and of the loss or theft of the Ticket, issue a duplicate Ticket to the Ticket holder. If MOS issues a duplicate Ticket, the original Ticket will become automatically invalid. 

8. MOS will do all that it reasonably can to ensure the event takes place at the scheduled date and time. However, events cannot be guaranteed to take place on any such date or at any such time and Tickets are sold subject to MOS's right to alter the event programme and to reschedule its advertised events due to circumstances beyond its control. Should the event be cancelled, MOS will refund the face value of the Ticket to the distributor in question for onward transmission to the purchaser. Should the event be abandoned before or after commencement and if it is possible to reschedule the event, a Ticket holder will be entitled to attend the rescheduled event or (if a Ticket holder elects) MOS will refund the face value of the Ticket to the distributor in question for onward transmission to the purchaser. MOS is entitled to re-issue a Ticket in respect of a rescheduled event. If MOS re-issues a Ticket for a rescheduled event, the original Ticket will become automatically invalid. If a Ticket is not re-issued in respect of a rescheduled event, the Ticket shall be valid for the date on which the event is rescheduled. 

9. Each purchaser must complete a Ticket application form. 

10. Save as set out below, Tickets are not issued on a sale or return basis and refunds will not be made on returned Tickets unless MOS is in breach of its obligations to the Ticket holder whether under these Ticket Distribution Conditions or otherwise. 

11. Every Ticket remains the property of MOS at all times.